Do you think that Language has affected your stay and study in TRNC as an International Student?

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When you move to another country to study, the language barrier can be one of the major factors to contribute to culture shock. As you live, eat and breathe in another language it can certainly be exhausting, at least at first, but rest assured 24-hour immersion in a language and culture is one sure fire way of learning the lingo.
Lin: When I first came here from China, I feel language was my biggest challenge.  I had a lot of problems understanding my classes, as well as communicating with my classmates.
Why do the international students have Class attendance breach issues? In an article written by senior psychology lecturer Christopher Lennings of the University of Sydney, He discusses the loneliness suffered by international students and the isolation they feel because of the language barrier and culture shock.
David from Nigeria, "The other day i went to buy drugs for my cold/flu. The drug woman couldn't understand what i was trying to explain. I waited 30 mins for her friend to drive from another place to the drugstore in order to translate"
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Language barrier and culture shock can cause loneliness and this can have devastating consequences, including lack of socialization, Missed classes which could lead to bad grades, Depression, Insomnia, Lack of Appetite and possible health issues.
CIU Student, Tadiwa from Zimbabwe, "As I am an international student, I can understand this situation. Although I have some English skill, when I came here, I still felt stress and it has already influenced my study. I became very sad and worried about whether I could finish these subjects successfully"
The language barrier and culture shock has become the big issue for international students studying in TRNC but it is a natural phenomenon. As international students, we should deal with this situation rather than let it influence our study.

One of the tried-and-tested best ways to improve in a foreign language is to dive right in with native speakers. Overcoming the language barrier can be tough-going, but the buzz of being able to live, work and express yourself in another language is definitely worth the hard work!

POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS from intelligent minds:

1. Resist the crutch of familiarity: During my stay and study in TRNC as an Iranian student, I quickly found myself seeking out Iranian roommates, walking back from school with Iranian classmates and speaking my native language.

I realized soon thereafter that my feeling “at home” was simply a symptom of a failure to step outside my cocoon to immerse myself in a new people, culture and language.

Over the next few months, I attended language coffee chats, signed up with a local host family, and even took my first  local dancing class.

By consciously stepping outside my comfort zone, I learnt infinitely more about the local customs and culture than I would have sitting in front of a computer, Googling and watching videos on YouTube.

2. Be an ambassador for your culture:  Remember that your “hosts” might be just as inquisitive and anxious about your culture and language as you are about theirs. What can you do to meet them half way across the cultural and language divide?  Have you considered cooking your favorite local dish from back home and inviting people over for dinner? Or teaching others common phrases in your language for when they visit your country?

Break down walls around you to celebrate what makes you unique, and you’ll find others doing the same.

3. Have a local “go-to” friend: Despite your best efforts, you may find yourself in situations where cultural or language differences present a barrier to critical conversations or amazing learning experiences.

Make sure you have a multilingual friend on speed-dial, who understands local nuances and can help you communicate. There are also human-powered translation apps such as VerbalizeIt, that can help you travel with the confidence that language and cultural support is just a phone call away.

A study abroad experience offers the unique opportunity experience and adapt to communication and culture in a foreign setting. Arm yourself with the right mindset and tools before you travel, and you will come out with a whole new perspective on the world and your place within it!

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