FUNNY! - CYPRIOTS: They Love to Stare! [OPINION]

Let’s talk a bit about Cyprus and all it’s weirdness (…or not). I’ll tell you something about them, nobody ever told them that staring is rude. When I was a kid, it was received wisdom that openly staring at odd balls, weirdoes, crazies, and sick people was a NO NO. It’s a fact of life that has allowed me to get as far as I have in modern society.

Cypriots are completely unaware of this simple rule. In fact, I suspect that young Cypriots are sent to special staring schools where they learn to gawp intently at anything out of the ordinary. If staring were an Olympic sport, the Cypriots would be legendary.

You’re catching on to my general point here. THEY LIKE TO STARE. Apparently shuffling down the road at a snail’s pace is well within the legitimate grounds for Cypriot-style staring. On every normal day, as I wend my way to the shops, you're bound to see people fetching chairs out from their flats and settling down to a protracted staring session.

I've noticed this predilection before, I must admit. When I first came to Cyprus, speaking English in public would cause people to fix their gaze on you as if they expected you to start eating your own leg at any moment. Recently, on the way to an event in a Cypriot village, one woman almost broke her neck in her efforts to stare into the car I was traveling in.

I swear, the other day I saw a blind girl who had been provided with a dog that was specially trained to do her staring for her. The hound fixed me with a beady gaze, its head tilted to one side, as its mistress casually wondered into the path of an oncoming pedestrian. Now, how fcuked up is that???

And if that’s not enough, I've got some real WEIRD neighbors. They moved in some few weeks back. Ok, in my building, there are six flats. I hardly know any of the people living here, I say “hi” when I pass them, but I wouldn't be able to pick them out of a line-up.

But the weirdest thing has just started occurring from my new neighbors. I don’t know who does it, but they ring the door bell before unlocking their own door. That’s right; they come home, ring the bell, with the key in hand, and unlock 10 seconds after ringing. And they seem to get out a lot because it’s almost a constant ringing and unlocking. It’s just weird.

On a another note, winter's upon us. The cold will become unbearable. I wish…I wish I were in some place cozy and warm...if I say that three times, will my wish come true?

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  1. Lmaoooo whoever wrote this eh, your neighbors na spirits o. They gas warn other spirits inside the house say dem don show back looool


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