Ms Chioma: Lean Manufacturing!

Better believe it or not, I'm that Igbo girl that was brought up in the busiest, noisiest, and most crowded zone of the eastern part of the country. Onitsha brought up (Nwa Otu). What's more, when I said, my eyes have seen things, kindly don't contend with me Biko. 

My folks are into foam line (mattresses, foam carpet etc) and I was generally with them at whatever point they visited these foam manufacturing plants back then for restock. Amid one of our various visits to some of these locales, I remembered how chunks of foams were littered around the road and behind the passageway of factories we were visiting, on the street of one of the factories were bundles of foam REJECTS stuffed at the edge of the road, then a rearing spot for mosquitoes. Whatever happens to rework or modification of defective parts, reusing/recycling or appropriate deposition or even been sold as scrap to craftsmen which are all how lean manufacturing could be achieved . 
I Remember trying to figure out then, what the manufacturing plant's plans were, to turn the place to decline dumping site? since the vast majority of the street's residents make due of there declines(refuse) there as well. 

Truly Nigeria's industrial allocations and assignments are wack, that's the reason production sites are situated inside the residential areas in so many states. No space designation (industrial regions) for enterprises or strict directions on how to choose the location of a manufacturing plant. 

One will simply get up one morning and reason, " since I have the capital and plot of lands in Nkpor why not utilize them to my advantage by producing something nice" . Just like that with no feasibility studies on the market or taking into consideration the health and Safety related effects on residents. 
Onitsha own tire me sef, in a narrow street like this, you will discover a chemical&foam manufacturing plant , development and construction locales, name it, with zero waste management.

One of the adverse effects of improper waste management is increased rate of Accidents; both wellbeing related and safety related mayhap. 
Take for instance the soda  defective containers that crushed a pregnant lady at Nkpor that year, killing both mother and child . Again the famous Malaria, that continues striving just in Nigeria. 

On a more general note, what's the country's life expectancy for both male and female? ; 53 and 55 years respectively. The million dollar question is, Why so low? .  
Most accidents in Naija today are super avoidable events, on the off chance that we put our selfish advantages aside and work as rational people not creatures abi Animals . 

All these manufacturing plants proprietors ought to quit being narrow minded and begin sparing souls. It cost nothing to rework defective items, in truth you deliver more, fulfill more clients, create a happier environment and finally gladden you bank account. Also reduced cost of materials and everyone is happy. Bikonu stop answering owners n'onu ( for mouth);
* Waste can be reused/ recycled it's not advanced science 
* Waste can be sold as scrap, that too is not rocket science.
* Waste can arranged legitimately..  Not hard fam.

Every young aspiring CEO, CEOs and workers out there wanting to fire up their own particular manufacturing firm, ought to please enlist the help of a specialist in doing proper feasibility studies on the market and site's locations and also arrange proper safety measures and waste management.
             "Think right and grow rich". 
Lean manufacturing is extremely important (less of everything) . 


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