Can one retroactively withdrew sexual consent after sex?: Scantygela

When People shout and go all hagahaga about Nigerian Facebook feminists, I simply smile because Unah never see something. Feminists dey and FeMINIst(Extremists) dey.

So I was invited as a guest speaker at a women’s program, hosted by the school. After the program, this particular group of ladies reached out to me and applauded how unbiased and bold I was with my points and views, irrespective of how Men objected and frowned at them. They invited me to their weekly hangout, I promised them that I’ll be there.

Fast forward to when I arrived at the hangout venue, they were already settled, orders and shit in place. I made myself at home. It was easy, since for some weird reasons, they were all seeing me as some kind of celeb. I gingerly accepted my celebrity status and went with the flow 

Now, the important part of this write up, a very interesting topic was raised and it goes. 

Two months ago, Crystal, a prominent member of the group and her friend, Frank, had a 100% consensual sex. Not once, not twice but Eight good times (can’t believe she was counting though). Later on, Crystal felt it started being embarassing to have had sex with Frank, as she then found out that he’s homophobic and doesn’t believe in equality of sexes( He’s the ultimate traditionalist and not violent at all ). Crystal retroactively withdrew her sexual consent, so that all the previous sex they had, now becomes rape.

Menh,  I was really confused, like wtf just happened. The most annoying part is that the so called members were all for “A girl must have the right to change her mind after the whole thing is over”

“Yes, it was absolutely consensual all the way through the act 
Yes, both were happy when they left the room. 
Yes, she should have the right to change her mind and retract her consent after the event. Hours, days, weeks, months and even years later. 
Yes, that makes the event rape.”

Someone please wake me up, like for realz I’m traumatized. They both left the room happy, for crying out loud, that’s spirit crushing. I can’t begin to imagine what I just stumbled upon. where do one begin to address such fucked up mentality. 


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