IMPOSSIBLE IMAGES: The man who makes magic and madness from Photoshop.

Argentinian designer, art director, and artist Martin de Pasquale creates surreal images that will beguile your brain. On the 25th birthday of Photoshop, we talk to de Pasquale and take a look at some of his greatest creations.

The University of Beunos Aires graduate has been manipulating digital images since buying his first professional digital camera seven years ago: "I opened up a new world -- the digital era" says de Pasquale. [more pics below]

"The essence of my photos is to visualize the physically impossible in a form of photo manipulation" he says by email from his studio in the Argentinian capital.

He says inspiration came from artists such as Japanese illusion designer Shigeo Fukuda, Polish satirical illustrator Pawel Kuczynski, and the photomanipulations of Erik Johansson.

The self-taught visual artist and art director always hoped to use the technology to visualize the impossible: "I started using my pictures to tell stories, surreal words, and to start to manipulate [them] with photoshop. Nobody told me how to do it. I just did it".

"Sometimes i just like creating images of everyday aspects of life, and sometimes it is just a humour," he says.

"I always carry with me a Notepad... when you have lots of information in mind, it is easier to connect to dots and create things, returning home, walking down the street, looking at something at any time."

Many of his images find teh artist in slightly altered stated of consciousness: on the edge of sleep, overtaken by hunger, or struggling through the days early hours.

"At night, when i go to sleep, is when i cannot disconnect my head and stop thinking. That creative moment i try to reflect in a photograph."

"For me, everything has to convey something, a feeling, an idea, a moment, a state."

His tools of choice;

- Adobe Photoshop
- Illustrator
- Lightroom

...and sometimes 3D modelling software 3DMax - although he's equally happy with a sketching pencil or paintbrush.

The tech-wizard reveals he doesn't have a smartphone: "I see people trapped in vicious circles with technology, and i need to portray them, show them how they look," he says.

He hopes to make use of this technology creatively, rather than getting caught up in it. "I am a very basic person, and when i see people so dependent on technology, it seems strange to me."

Asked what advice he has for the digital artists of the next 25 years, the young designer says that creativity matters more than technical skill. "The ideas are what they are, and what they are worth."

Working in a team is helpful too, he says. Beyond that, it is down to "perseverance and love for what you do. One has to believe in what he does, and be firm to this idea and be creative!"

For more on Martin de Pasquale's images, visit his website and follow him on Facebook.

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