Official review and pictures from European University of Lefke [EUL] 22nd Graduation Ceremony

EUL produced new graduates.
EUL’s 2014-2015 academic year graduates received their diplomas at the ceremony organized on 2nd July 2015. The ceremony started with graduates taking their places, a moment of silence, the Turkish national anthem and opening speeches at Lefke 16 Ağustos Kurtuluş Stadium at 19:00.

Dr. Sibel Siber, President of the parliament, Halil İbrahim Akça, Lefkoşa ambassador of Turkey and some members of parliament attended the ceremony. This year EUL graduated 437 students from associate programs, undergraduate programs and post graduate programs.

After a moment of silence for the Great Leader Atatürk, martyrs and decedent academicians, the ceremony continued with the speeches.

SİBER: “Be confident, determined, and hardworking to reach your goal”

She started her speech with saying that they are celebrating a beautiful day with the precious family of EUL, graduates and the parents. She said, “Today you are sailing to the future by receiving your diplomas. In order to achieve your goals, be confident, determined and study hard.”

AKÇA: “The achievements that EUL has showed are so important that it cannot be ignored.”

Halil İbrahim, the ambassador of Turkish Republic said that he was so pleased to attend the ceremony and he wished success to all the graduate students. Akça said “With the knowledge you have gained and the education you have received at EUL, you will be in a struggle in a very competitive environment to be in service for the greater benefit of your family, country and humanity”.

TOKEL: “You will work as representatives for TRNC and we will be very proud of your successes.” 

Türkay Tokel, The Chairman of the Board of Trustees said that with the gained knowledge and skills, EUL graduates will be spreading all over the world and will  be the representatives of EUL. He stated that, “You will work as representatives for TRNC and we will be very proud of your successes.”

Tokel congratulated the families who entrusted the most precious ones of theirs to EUL and who are preparing to welcome them back with pride and honour, as individuals equipped with contemporary professional skills.

YÜKSELEN: “EUL has become the fastest and the most stable growing university of TRNC”

Prof. DR. Mehmet Ali Yükselen, The Rector of EUL, started his speech by indicating that they are having a happy and honourable day as EUL and welcoming the graduates and their families.

Yükselen stated that university’s accreditation processes have been sustaining immovably by highlighting that university has become the fastest and most stable growing university of TRNC in line with the aim of being the reference point in higher education and university’s first international accreditation Pearson Edexcel was received by English Preparatory School. Yükselen mentioned the construction of KYK dormitories and Health Faculty Laboratories which were completed this year in order to make the university more liveable physically and the constructions of 10 thousand square meter dormitory, 6 thousand square meter Law Faculty central lecture halls are continuing.

Within the limits of University’s growing plans, this year 11 associate degree programs, 6 undergraduate programs, 6 postgraduate programs and 3 doctorate programs have been approved by YÖK and it was stated that with these new programs the university has achieved growth on 40% basis in one year.  Yükselen stated that they didn’t only open up new programs but also equipped health and engineering laboratories. Yükselen also said that by upgrading infrastructure of information technology they have taken the first steps of the university’s sustainable growth.

More pictures below:

Credit: EUL


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