LEGACY Brand: Cyprus-based Zimbabwean designer Pambayi Kapenzi continue to break boundaries

Cyprus-based Zimbabwean designer Pambayi Kapenzi continues to scale to greater heights since the launch of his label in August 2015. The brand, called “Legacy” and now internationally recognised, has a collection from haute-couture to ready-to-wear.

The label is seen on hoodies, T-shirts and bottoms and is causing a stir in countries like Canada, Malaysia, Australia, South Africa, the United Kingdom and Cyprus among others and is based on African print.

In an online interview recently, affectionately known as K-Pay, said he chose the name “Legacy” because of an identification crisis.

“My plan is to make ‘Legacy’ the biggest African label in the world. "I came up with the name ‘Legacy’ because I wanted to create something that will last forever and this can be achieved by making clothes of a high quality and which are different. I have always been fascinated with the thought of designing my own clothes. I was sick and tired of going into shops and looking for things to match my style so I decided to design my own,” he said.

K-Pay, a third year student at Cyprus International University studying advertising and public relations, said so far the challenges he faces is demand due Zimbabwean celebrities abroad.

“I am happy that the label is growing by the day. Demand is high for a clothing label coming up so it really strains. I am working on opening a shop back home this year 2016. So far people can only buy online. ‘Legacy’ has been featured in numerous blogs by bloggers in Tanzania, Cyprus, South Africa, Canada and Australia,” he said.

Asked who his role model was he said he was inspired by societal settings. “My role model is my mother although sometimes I am inspired by societal settings to come up with a design. She is my pillar of strength. I have learnt not to give up from her. I also like Kanye West because he is daring, loves to be different and does not stick to one lane,” he said.

“I started ‘Legacy’ clothing in August 2015, designing my own clothes. My friends later asked me who I was wearing and this gave me the desire to venture into the business. I started making T-shirts and soon the demand got too high that I moved on to making a winter collection which has been highly successful in different parts of the globe,” he said.

He said the main reason he was making it big was the uniqueness of his style. “Fashion is an in-born thing and to me it is just like drinking water. My sense of style has made me go so far. I am happy that the designing industry is growing but most designers lack depth. They should do research on styles and be creative so that they don’t imitate others. Looking closely, clothes are the same but they need that unique touch to create a brand,” he said.



  1. congratulations to hardworkers worldwide. cheers

  2. I respect you're hustle sir ...... they don't want you to be successful hahah but legacy is the MAJOR KEY


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