Saint George Bashiru: A Letter to Single Men! [OPINION]

Hey guys, how are you doing? How has life fared with you lately? The hustle and bustle of becoming a man ain't an easy job, I must confess! But with God and diligence in fulfilling purpose, we'll get there.

I write this letter to you to point out some things which you ought to know before marriage or as
you continue in that relationship.

This letter is strictly for men, not boys or players.
First concerning how you treat ladies. I know
quite alright that ladies are emotional only few
are not. Please, don't take advantage of that and
inflict emotional pain on them.

If you know she's not going to be your wife,
there’s no point promising her heaven and earth
just to get her in bed.
If you think you're smart, your smartness cannot
prevent the nemesis or daring consequences that
would one day catch up with you.

It's better you avoid the consequences of an
action because of its few minutes pleasure than
to face its agony and regrets in the near future.
What are you doing about your life and future? I
know it's trendy to go clubbing and indulge in all
youthful exuberance. See, life doesn't go on a
stretch forever and every time wasted cannot be

If at age 30 or close to it, you haven't define your
life or you're still depending on friends, family or
relatives, you need to work on yourself.

Where do you put God in your life? Consider God
in the time of your youth before it's too late.
Many of you who turned back on God will
someday run back to Him for help. If you cannot
dance to the devil's music, it's better you start
learning God's steps.

Hear this guys, love isn't sex! Don't tell a lady to
prove her love to you because you want to have a
'taste' of her. I know everyone is going haywire
with premarital sex but you can choose to

Apart from it being sin against God, it will make
you vulnerable to STDs and some problems
'rubber' cannot prevent.
It doesn't matter if she calls you names if you
choose to abstain, or you become an object of
mockery amongst your friends, run for your dear

Think about your future and life hereafter. Don't
give your strength to strange women, preserve it
for your wife.

Have you discovered your purpose in life? That
very reason why God has created you?
Jumping from one lady to another without
discovering your purpose on earth will make you
miserable and waste away in life.

Know your purpose in life and be on track to
attain it's fulfillment before you think of going
into a relationship. It's not difficult, it would
only prevent you from distraction.

Watch the company of friends you keep. Are they
contributing positively to your life or they are
emptying you of virtues and opportunities?
It's not a must you hang out with friends if you
do not benefit from them. You can stand alone
with God and make lasting impact than to keep
dozens of friends with no footprints in the sand
of time.

Man up guys! Build your financial, spiritual,
mental and emotional life. Only a crazy man
beats a woman even if she pushed you to the
wall. There is a button of patience to press to
control your anger.

Work on your mental development. Read good
books to acquire knowledge and skill. Get
intimate with God so that your wife wouldn't
become a victim of false prophets or you become
a spiritual babe in handling matters of life at the

My guy, you're going to be a father someday.
Don't do the things you wouldn't be proud of
your son to emulate or would want anyone to do
to your daughter.

If you wouldn't want to leave a bad legacy for
your unborn children, don't tread the path now.
I'd have love to tell you more but I believe you
know the importance of life and time and I'm
constrained due to space.

Don't waste away chasing every Tom, Dick and
Harry for sex. Conserve your energies and
channel it into a more productive cause in life.
I hope the few wise ones would treasure this
letter, share it or send it to a friend.

Written by Saint George Bashiru


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