According to New Research: Everyone Secretly Hates Going Out.

Recently, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics released the American Time Use Survey, an annual look at how people spend the precious minutes of their short lives. Mostly, people sleep (almost nine hours a day on average), work (just under eight hours on days they work), and watch TV (a bit under three hours). A scant 41 minutes of each average day are spent socializing in person with other humans, a number that's fallen by 9 percent over the past decade. Does this mean that society is falling further away from the everyone-kicking-it-all-the-time paradise of Friends? Or that we're talking to people online rather than in person now?

Maybe something darker is at play here: Maybe humans aren't hanging out because we're all hiding in our apartments and inventing elaborate lies about why we can't come out. That's the conclusion of a recent study by something called Yelp Eat24.

According to the study, almost 30 percent of people are disappointed by nights out, more than a third are stressed out and anxious by them, and hangovers and arguments are also common side effects. So it's no surprise 80 percent of people "admit to having made excuses to avoid going out," a.k.a. lying to your friends so you don't have to see them.

We're all familiar with these lies—"I am not feeling so well," "I have something to do," "Band practice," "Actually I'm trying not to drink anymore," "I'm not your girlfriend anymore," "I think you have the wrong number." We recognize them in others, and we use them ourselves in order to maintain the facade that we really would love to come to your noise music festival—unfortunately there are some bugs coming out of a hole in the wall and also our cousin is in town. These lies are the lubrication that keeps social interaction from becoming painful, the Machiavellian web that binds us together.

Why don't we just tell the truth? Well, according to data from Yelp Eat24, instead of going out, people do the following things:

1. Watch movie/TV
2. Chill out/nap
3. Eat in
4. Spend time with partner
5. Spend time with children
6. Read
7. Listen to music
8. Chores
9. Have drinks
10. Play video games

Now, obviously spending time with your partner and children is a pretty good reason not to go out, and chores have to be done, but "listen to music" is not generally an activity that takes up an entire evening. Neither is eating in. Not going out in order to "have drinks," presumably with yourself, is not the most inspirational of evenings, and I can only assume that "chill out" is survey code for "masturbate," which is another thing that really shouldn't take all night.

If there's any silver lining here it's that at least everyone is doing the same thing. Your laziness, and your inability to be honest with others (and probably, yourself) about what your life has become, is not a personal problem, it's a symptom of a broader malaise.



  1. So true for me, what's the point in going out

  2. I prefer chilling at home than going out ooo

  3. Which kin life I prefer staying out ooo


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