Faculty of Health Sciences and Dormitory Building of EUL inaugurated amidst fanfare.

Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey, Bülent Arınç who attended the opening ceremony of the Fourth Dormitory Building and the Faculty of Health Sciences Second Stage Building of European University of Lefke (EUL) whichwere completed with the contributions of Turkish Republic Aid Committee, gave speech at the opening ceremony.

Alongside Arınç and his delegation, Turkish Republic Nicosia Ambassador Halil Ibrahim Akca, Deputy Prime Minister of Economy and Tourism, Culture and Sports Minister Serdar Denktas, Environment and Natural Resources Minister Hakan Dinçyürek and also some Members of the Parliament attendedthe opening ceremony held today at EUL.

The opening ceremony began with the tribute and the National Anthem. Then, the speeches had begun.


Deputy Prime Minister of the Turkish Republic, BülentArınç, attended the opening ceremony for the Faculty of Health Sciences. Bülent Arınç expressed the importance of such investments made in EUL in his speech by also adding the pleasure of taking part in the EUL ceremony.

Arınç stated that he came to Lefke for the first time and he found the area very beautiful and he also asserted that the investments made in EUL are important for the country.

Arınç referred to the importance of tourism and education for the country’s economic wealth and he noted his observations on that TRNC government had already made the pre-cautions to protect the tourism sector with regard to the economic problems in the world.

In other respects, Arınç gave voice to the fact that the one quarter of Turkish Cypriot population is comprised of the students and there are many universities in the country. Arınç declared that education forms the one third of Gross National Product (GNP), which are the positive developments.

Arınç also talked about the changes that were made when they came to the government to serve as the Justice and Development Party, who had set a target to establish a university in every province in Turkey and that they have reached this recording in the education system in Turkey.


Environment and Natural Resources Minister Hakan Dinçyürek voicing speech at the ceremony by attending as the Acting Minister of Education said that he was excited in attending the opening ceremony of the building of the Faculty of Health Sciences as a physician.

Dinçyürek signified that the number of universities in the country has gradually increased; the new faculty and educational programs were established; accordingly, the number of students exceeds 75 thousands and it was expected to reach to hundreds of thousands in a few years by emphasizing the need for the necessary planning in this regard.

Dinçyürek not only referred to the importance of developing a student-centered education policy but he also asserted that it was important to meet the expectations of the students from the city they live and the university administration.


Speaking at the opening ceremony, the Rector of EUL, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Yükselen, expressed that the education sector is growing very rapidly and that the contributions of Turkish Republic had a significant role in this rapid growth.

In his speech, Yükselen provided information about EUL and thanked to The Republic of Turkey, the Embassy of Republic of Turkey and the Aid Committee for their help.


Tokel, who is Chairman of Board of Trustees of EUL also gave information about EUL by telling that it was motivating andproud to see the development of the education sector in TRNC.

Tokel stated that the facilities which will be inaugurated in the future are the initial investments that will be made later and thanked to the Republic of Turkey for helping to actualize these investments.

Due to the contribution of the Republic of Turkey, Arınç was presented a plaque by Tokel and Yükselen after speeches.

Opening of the new buildings was made by cutting the ribbon of the new buildings at the end of the ceremony.



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