SCARY BUT TRUE! What your Fingerprints say about Who You Are

There is a scientific study of fingerprints called dermatoglyphics, and it helps us understand how the patterns on our fingertips relate to our personality and behavioral patterns.


Loops are the most common pattern for Europeans. It corresponds with a calm and balanced personality. People with such fingerprints are usually sympathetic and try to help others; they are also quick to make friends. While very diligent and responsible, they rarely take initiative. The major source of information and feelings for such people is interaction with others.

They are emotionally predictable and open-hearted and usually possess good or excellent health, although they might be quite sickly as kids.

The character of a person with the loop pattern is sanguine, as a rule. They loathe tedious work they have no interest in. If you have loops on all your fingertips, then you have a strong imagination and are something of a daydreamer, or what you’d call «starry-eyed.»



People with this pattern are energetic and confident. You can see their confidence in everything — their posture, gait, manners, and movements. Sometimes it’s bordering on stubbornness; you can almost never make them change their mind and admit their fallacy, and any decision they make is final for them. Concrete thinking is predominant here. Such people usually have trouble adapting to changing environments and listening to others’ opinions. They gather impressions mainly from practical activities, although they often prefer to use other people to reach their goals.

The character of a person with the curve pattern is choleric. They value art and music, and they have expressive or even artistic body language. They have to be busy with something in times of trouble. No softness should be expected from these people, but they are extraordinarily loyal and will never give up on their friends.


People with swirled patterns on their fingers are short-tempered, but ungrudging. They are naturally talented, quick to grasp, and ready to analyze their surroundings. It’s often the case that they start several jobs at once and give them up halfway through, having lost interest. Such people usually have a combustible and unstable personality, and they are unpredictable and prone to hide their true feelings and thoughts. They tend to seek solace and self-reflection. You often see them dissatisfied with themselves and doubting everyone and everything. Their source of impressions is inside themselves, while the information is obtained from written accounts.

Their personality type here is phlegmatic. The speech of such a person is rather expressionless, quiet, and a bit slow. If the individual has swirls on both their index fingers, then they are born thinkers. They are often keen on programming, legal studies, and research.

To summarize the above, people with the swirl pattern have a versatile and complex personality, and sometimes they don’t even know what they are capable of.



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